Cinelinx Rules

The flexibility of the Cinelinx game is part of the fun so don't be afraid to tailor your deck to your audience. Movie Buffs might enjoy playing with the full deck, while casual fans might prefer a quick game with a smaller deck of more popular movies, actors, etc. This works especially well for two player games. 

Wat the video below for a quick overview or download the full RULEBOOK HERE




1) What is a connection in the game?

  • A connection is simply the relationship between two cards that allows them to be played side-by-side, or to connect.

2) What expansion decks have been released?

  • Red Band Expansion, Horror, Move Buffs,  Superheroes & Comics, Blockbusters & Favorites, and The 80's Expansion. 

3) Do you ship Internationally?

  • In most cases the answer is, Yes. Please contact us for info.

4) How can I simplify the game for an audience that isn't as into movies as I am?

  •  We recommend tailoring your deck to your audience. If you are playing with a much younger group then separate a deck of 120 - 140 cards that may appeal to a younger audience (superheroes, comedy, horror, etc). If your audience is familiar with a wide range of films, but aren't necessarily movie buffs, then create a deck of 120 - 140 cards from popular genres such as action, sci-fi, and comedy.